There are many guides out there that showcase makeup techniques to bring out the best in your unique eye shape.

However, did you know that the same can be done for lash extensions too? Due to their highly customizable nature, lash technicians are able to create a unique look that will truly make your eyes pop.

We’ve summarized five main eye shapes and the lashes we’d recommend:


Almond Eyes

The most versatile shape of them all, all styles work great for almond shaped eyes. This eye shape is characterized with a slight point at the ends. Try a classic set for a natural look or a Russian volume set to truly make a statement.

Hooded Eyes

If you have extra skin above your crease that extends a little over your eyelid, you most likely have hooded eyes. For this eye shape, we recommend a style that has longer lashes in the center of the eyes to truly widen them up.

Monolids/Tapered Eyelids

When your crease is not parallel and is sometimes hidden when you open your eyes all the way, that is a tapered eyelid – common for a lot of Asian women. For this eye shape, we recommend a fluffy volume set to truly add dimension and shape.

Downturned Eyes

Another common eye shape is downturned eyes, where the corner of your eyes slants downwards instead of up. This kind of eye shape is best complemented by a voluminous cat eye, as the longer lashes in the corner give it more balance and gives your eyes a lift.

Regardless of this guide, you may not fit perfectly within these five main eye shapes – which is why it is also important to consider your personal style. Do you like glamour? If so, go for a Russian volume set for impressive impact! Are you more of an elegant gal who likes the simple things in life? Perhaps a classic cat eye is better for you.

If you’re unsure, come in and book an appointment and our lash technicians would be happy to do a personal consultation for you.


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