Lash Extensions

Beautique™ is one of the top locations for Eyelash Extensions in Vancouver BC. We’ve been applying Eyelash Extensions since 2009 and have hundreds of happy clients. The lashes we offer are individually applied synthetic mink or synthetic silk eyelash extensions; not to be confused with strip-lashes or flairs. One-by-one, these false lashes are glued to the base of your existing natural lashes until the desired effect is achieved. The number of lashes applied depends on each client’s fullness and thickness of their natural lashes. Beautique™ is regarded as one of the fastest, most affordable, and best Eyelash Extension services in Vancouver(see Yelp reviews).


A set takes about an hour and a half to complete and will last between 4 and 6 weeks. The lash extensions are available in a number of curls, thicknesses, and colours. For more info see the FAQ page and check out the lash care page for tips on prolonging the life of your lash extensions.


What kind of lashes do we do?:
  • 3D eyelash extensions : aka Russian volume lashes – The technique where 3 thinner false lashes are attached to 1 (3:1) to create a more dramatic, voluminous and fluffy look. This is a great technique for clients who have less natural lashes and want a more dramatic look.

  • 6D Eyelash Extensions – our most dramatic set of eyelashes with 6 lashes hand made into a “fan ” shape to 1 eyelash ( 6:1 ). This set will mimic the look of a false lash without damaging your lashes.

  • Custom eyelash extensions – A mix of techniques to create a set of eyelash extensions specific to you. If your not sure what style of lashes you would like or want something natural with a little extra volume, try this set.

  • Natural classic eyelash extensions – A slightly enhanced version of your natural lashes. 1 eyelash attached to each 1 of your top lashes( 1:1). This set is often used simply to replace the use of mascara and a curler.

  • Dramatic classic eyelash extensions – When a long, extra curly or thick lash is attached to one of your eyelashes ( 1:1). This type of application often looks best if the client naturally has long or thick natural eyelashes.

  • Eyebrow extensions – A method similar to eyelash extensions when one false brow hair is attached to an existing brow hair or facial hair (1:1). This is done to create a more defined, thicker and darker eyebrow. Eyebrow extensions usually lash 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Editorial eyelash extensions – Extensions done from a variety of colors , glitters , crystals and sizes to create a creative and unique eyelash design . Editorial lashes are most popular for special events , festivals or anyone willing to try something fun with their eyelashes.


    • MEGAVOLUME Full Set: $300
    • MEGAVOLUME Fill: $200
    • CLASSIC Full Set: $99
    • HALF Set: $70
    • CLASSIC Fill: $70
    • CUSTOM Full Set (3D and classic mix): $145
    • CUSTOM Fill: $82.5
    • RUSSIAN 3D VOLUME Full Set: $175
    • RUSSIAN 3d VOLUME Fill: $90
    • RUSSIAN 6D VOLUME Full Set: $250
    • RUSSIAN 6D VOLUME Fill: $140
    • BROW Extensions: $90
    • BROW fill: $70.00