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” Beautique prides itself on its casual yet professional approach, with staff at the boutique having a wealth of experience and knowledge. “


” Joanna Keller is taking the lash game to a level you didn’t know even existed.. “


” Joanna Keller Beautique in Vancouver, Canada has also been creating the innovative looks after being inspired by multicoloured hair trends. “


” Joanna also adds glitters and crystals to lashes which she thinks are perfect for special events or for festivals. “


” The latest Lash trend has got to be the prettiest we have seen…It takes some talent. “


I’ve been seeing Joanna for a year and a half, consistently, and I don’t trust anyone else to keep my lashes this healthy. If you wanna get ’em done, make sure to book well in advance…. She and her technicians are the 💣!


Jasmine Lorimer

"The Bachelorette Canada"

Joanna is the Goddess of Lashes.

I am freaking obsessed with JK Beautique!

Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick

Makeup Artist / Beauty Influencer

Joanna Keller Beautique™ has a killer location, atmosphere, and staff. My lashes always look flawless, and I love the effortless look they provide!

Thanks Joanna!


Phoenix Laurén

Style Influencer / Singer