It’s springtime!  And we know you’re starting to get those desires to spruce up your look. Trust me, we know the feeling. Sometimes a full hair colour makeover can cause stress and anxiety though. The decision to switch up your style will have you asking questions like “Which color best suits my skin tone?”, “How much is this whole thing gonna cost?”, “Is this going to last forever ever?”

We’ve got a solution. We recently tested a temporary surface colour called oVertone, that comes in a number of punky and pastely colours suited for those “I need a change” and in-between “what am I doing with my hair?” moments.

We took it step-by-step with our girl Haley as she walked us through the process of adding a little pop into our client’s mane (who just so happens to be Beautique’s boss babe, Joanna). The process was as simple as 1-2-3. Literally, wash, apply, rinse…then add in a blow-out with your favourite style and that’s it! A fresh new look in 60 minutes.

The colour lasts for several washes and doesn’t damage the hair so it can be reapplied as often as you like! Take a look at the process and the stunning before and after photos below the book in for a consultation and service with Haley now!

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