Not many people leave a reading with me still skeptical. They might wonder how I do what I do, but they have to recognize the truth in the message of the cards.

Sitting down with Stacey Coplin was like hanging out with an old friend. You may have seen her at our last pop-up – she was the warm, sassy, no-bullshit, red-head reading Tarot cards for guests in the middle of a crowded room. With a precise yet easy going focus Stacey has the ability to block out distraction and focus intently on the story at hand – your story!

Don’t be fooled by her youthful glow, Stacey may be young but she has been studying Tarot for over a decade. Engaging best if you trust her like a BFF Stacey has the ability to make you feel the most comfortable during your reading while showing a genuine interest in the meaning of your spread.

Stacey will be taking appointments at Beautique on December 22nd – which she says is a very significant day! Find out why and read up on Stacey’s background in our feature below.

Book in for a 15-minute or 45-minute appointment this Saturday here.


How old were you when you started reading tarot and how did you decide that is what you wanted to do? 

Stacey: Hah! My Mum would read tarot cards for me when I was a little human, around 6 years old or so. Let me preface by saying at the age of 4 I showed a heightened connection to spirit and I easily accessed and saw auras of people around me. My mum said she would wake up in the middle of the night and I would be just chatting away with “my shaman” in my room like it was no biggie. Literally no joke, I would tell my mum “Me okay, My shaman” and like pat my heart space. So I was a pretty connected, and spooky child to begin with. But with the cards, I just loved the imagery, and the stories attached to each card. Eventually, my Mum grew tired of my incessant pestering and gave me my own deck to use. I was probably between the ages of 8 and 10. I spent the next ten years studying and learning, and around the age of 20 I started reading for strangers at parties… What a party trick hey?! After about 5 years of doing readings for free, at parties, and for my friends, I kept getting nudged from the ol’ universe to take my skills to the people! I have been reading tarot professionally for about three years now, and I gotta admit, I never really decided that this would be my thing. It just…happened. I truly believe that this is my purpose in this lifetime. To serve others through energetic and emotional healing, metaphysical evolution, and intuitive guidance.

Who taught you?

Stacey: My Mum started my tarot education, then I moved on to study under a psychic astrologer and tarot card reader who is out in Coquitlam. After that, it was A LOT of reading, trial by error, meditation/connection to source and intuition, and recently I have started learning from some amazing tarot readers out there in the world! Lindsay Mack has some amazing resources available and her online course delving into the suit of the Swords rocked my world! But I will say, I am now moving into a new chapter of my spiritual development, as I am starting to explore and connect to the magic of my bloodline. I am of Russian and Polish heritage, and I am adventuring through Slavic Folk Magic, because that is my birthright. I have no business connecting with Hindi, Afrikan, Asian or Native American traditions and rituals. I have no business burning Palo Santo, or smudging with white sage. I can use rosemary, flax seed, catkin, water and song for cleansing and purifying rituals. Now, when I say I have no business, I literally mean BUSINESS. I will no longer profit off of appropriating cultures that are not my own. This industry is reeeeeeal trendy right now, and that is not what I was raised believing, or taught. This is a service, and I have a duty to help others heal which means stopping the theft of cultural traditions that do not belong to me. Sadly, my Russian family has all passed on. So if there are any Eastern Europeans, Slavs, Poles, or Russians reading this who have a Baba, a Mother-in-Law, or any helpful insight into traditions and rituals, hit me up!

You’ll be at JKB on December 22 – What is the significance of that date? 

Stacey: It is the start of Capricorn Season! Also, FULL MOON ENERGY PEOPLE! Honestly, this full moon has a bit of something for everyone! The full moon on Saturday, December 22, 2018, at 0° Cancer makes a helpful aspect to Uranus. So the Full Moon is all about excitement, positive change, and pleasant surprises. This is a welcome change to the last two moon phases that were both square Mars. Uranus makes it easy to quickly change direction, away from the anger and hostility of recent weeks. December 22nd’s full moon joins the super giant red star Betelgeuse in Orion, associated with great power, honor and wealth. So, it’s the day to follow our intuition and be open-minded about any unexpected opportunities that may arise. New people or even a new attitude could lead to pleasant surprises with your career, finances or love life this Christmas. Venus trine Neptune is another strong influence on the full moon and is a good omen for romance. So it’s a fired up, supercharged day of energetic opportunity.

What do you say to people who are skeptical? 

Stacey: I think it’s totally chill to be skeptical. I mean… I have been skeptical of practices and rituals in the past too! But I think that when dealing with skepticism, it is important to set up a foundation of what tarot is, and what it isn’t. Letting people know that it is not a divination tool (it can be, but I don’t fuck with the cards that way!) and all it does it show us options. It validates, and confirms, and provides a scope of pathways. But I mean… Not to toot my own horn too much but not many people leave a reading with me still skeptical. They might wonder how I do what I do, but they have to recognize the truth in the message of the cards.

What has been your wildest experience while having your cards read or while reading someone else?

Stacey: Every time I read for someone else it is a wild ride! When I am in the middle of channeling message and intuitive guidance, I don’t question it, I say what I receive and leave it at that. It is always afterward that I shake my head and laugh at the weird messages I get, and the things I say to clients. It always turns out to be meaningful, and accurate. But even I wonder “How the hell did I know that?”

A while ago, I had a reading with a client that had a bit of weird energy to begin with. She came by, I was busy with a client, and I told her it would be about a 2 hours wait, and she said that was no problem and that she would come back. I wrote her off in my mind because most people don’t come back if they have to wait for two hours. Turns out, I opened the door to the studio, and there she was. Waiting to see me. We sat down and ended up having a two-hour reading. She had a lot of stuff going on, and the weight of it all was tangible and heavy. I started to have some physical discomfort: a sharpness of breath, my heart raced, my face started tingling (I now know that is a good sign!), and I got ridiculously sweaty. I didn’t want to let on that I was having some over the top physical reactions to her and her energy, so I said nothing. At the end of the reading, I was feeling like I had been plugged into an electrical source, or like I was chewing on a battery. She turned to me, and said “Just so you know, I am a medium, and you have someone stepping forward to connect with you. Would you like the message?” and just like that, I understood why I had been feeling SO MUCH. She carried with her the energy of her ancestors, her loved ones who had passed, and she was connecting to some very important people in my life that sadly passed on far too young. My nervous was in overdrive, and it took me about two days to recover from it. That is the only time I have ever had such an intense reaction to someone else’s energy. Normally I keep a pretty strong boundary and barrier up, but I had no idea that my barrier had to be double, triple, quadruple times reinforced.

What are important things to remember for someone having their cards read for the first time?

Stacey: Nothing will show up in the cards that you can’t handle! Being open makes things a lot easier. Also, I am not a dancing dog who can perform magic tricks! Please don’t sit down at my table and “test” me. Tell me the details, spill the juice, fill me in! I can do much better work when I know what I am dealing with. Example: Someone sits down, and says ” I don’t know, you tell me…” means that I literally have no angle. I have zero perspectives on what the cards are being asked. Take the 4 of Cups – it means you should keep yourself open to all opportunities! But if we are talking about looking for love, it can mean that the person you are supposed to be with may not come in the form you thought they would. If we are talking business it is an urging to take everyone’s ideas seriously, even if they seem up in the clouds or out of reach. If we are talking about home life, it can talk about accepting the love and warmth from our partners in their love language and not assuming that because someone isn’t giving us the thing we want, that they aren’t trying to love us the best way they know how. If we talk about health, we might be ignoring something important. The meanings are similar, but that will lead me down a path, and I want that path to have direction, I don’t want to spend an hour fishing for truths and clues. Oh! and the cards will always bring you what you need to hear. Even if what you need to hear is tough love.

What can you say about your intuition on 2019?

Stacey: 2018 was challenging for so many reasons. It was full of disappointment, challenge, HARD FUCKING WORK, and making tough decisions for our highest evolution. This past year taught us the power of community, and why it’s so important to love our people as hard as we can, accept love from those who see us as we really are, and find time to rest and recuperate whenever we can. Self-care, courage, and community were the themes of 2018. 2019 is a year for integrating all that we learned, to really hone in our self-care practices, get luxe in how we treat ourselves, to cherish the relationships we have built, and get the fuck out of our own way! 2019 will be a year of success and accomplishment. THANK GOD. But that is why remembering all the people, and the hard work we have done to get where we are, is vital. We ARE worthy and deserving of all the success in the world. SPOILER ALERT: it is all coming to us this year…but we have to be ready to accept it! So what can we work through, and let go of in the first three months of 2019? How can we step aside, and let all the glory we have been dreaming of, find us in 2019? After that, it all about realizing our worth, how deserving we are of radical love and happiness, and move through accepting those gifts into our lives with grace. Obviously, that will look different for each and every one of us, so for more insight on how to really tap into that energy. Get in touch!

Where can we find you?

Stacey: You can usually find me hanging out with my doggos, drinking jalapeno margaritas, and planning my next trip to Mexico. But if that fails, you can find me at @staceycoplin on IG, over at House Of The Rising Tarot (, and over on Patreon ( My Patreon is the best, most accessible way to work with me. It is hella affordable and gets you direct access to weekly readings, monthly collective readings (love, career, personal growth), juicy Tarotscopes and so much more. I am also at The Good Spirit in Gastown now and then, so if you follow me on socials, you’ll get in the know about my weekly appearances and schedules!

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