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Most of us get to that point in our hair growing journey where we get to brushing and begin to measure our hair length via collar bone or shoulders and think to ourselves “That’s it? That’s all it’s grown?!”

While keeping your hair healthy and free from split ends is everyone’s great advice on how to grow your hair, regular trims can make it feel like we’ll never reach our lucious waistband-length dreams.

May we suggest a solution to those problems?

If you haven’t discovered the wonderful world of hair extensions this may be the article that changes your life. We’ve broken down the process of Nano and Braidless Weft extensions so you know exactly how to book your next hair appointment.

Nano Beads/Nano Links /iTips

If you face the challenge of fine hair that never seems to reach the fullness of a Kardashian photoshoot (spoiler: those are extensions) these are the best bet for living your fullest life.

Nanos are the tiniest most discreet method of hair extensions. They are attached to the hair using a tiny nano bead. Since the beads are so small they can be worn in very thin hair and even medical hair loss clients. We find our clients prefer this method because they are so comfortable and can be treated like their natural hair.

  • Hair is reusable.
  • Maintenance is every 6-8 weeks.

Braidless Weave/ Hand-tied Weft/ Natural Beaded Row/ Invisible Flat Weft

For our thicker kings and queens, a braidless weave may be more suitable. If your hair has all the fullness but lacks a little something to be desired in length, this is the perfect damage-free solution to getting those inches.

Braidless weave is the most common method of hair extensions. Great for clients with naturally thick hair. Microbeads are attached to your hair horizontally, then wefts are sewn across the microbead to attach them securely.

  • Hair is reusable.
  • Maintenance is every 6-10 weeks.
  • Both methods are attached to the hair using beads.
  • Beaded techniques are the safest on the hair; there is no heat, no glue & no harsh chemicals used to remove the extensions.

 Methods can also be combined to achieve the desired effect.

Maintenance and At Home Care

  • Wash with a sulfate-free shampoo
  • Deep condition weekly
  • Brush & serum daily 
  • Always blow-dry after wash
  • Never Sleep with Wet Hair 
  • Once you’ve invested in your extensions, the hair will last 6-24 months with proper care. Every 6-10 weeks 
  • As your natural hair grows out, the hair you would naturally shed (over 100 hairs a day)
  • The shed hairs have been trapped in the bead, which can cause matting. During a maintenance appointment, the stylist will remove the extension, comb out the shed hairs and with a new bead apply the extension again.

To book hair extensions in Vancouver, including custom styles and colour, visit our booking page here.

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