You know how the story goes: you enter the lash bar as a lash extension newbie looking for something subtle to make your eyes pop while you’re away on vacation. You quickly fall in love with your new lashes and decided to maintain them for a few more months. As time goes on, lash extensions become an absolute necessity in your beauty routine and then BAM! All of a sudden it’s six months down the road and you’re asking your lash tech if you can try a liiiiittle bit more volume,  a little more length and so on and so on.

In case you’re looking to take the plunge from classic to MegaVolume or always wondered what it would look like to go BIG big, we got up-close and personal with one of our lovely clients to give you the low down on MegaVolume lashes and why they are your next must-try service for fall.

Aside from looking like an absolute barbie every time you step out, rocking MegaVolumes on the regular will have you looking like youre wearing a full face of makeup with minimal effort. Oh, and you’ll definitely shave off some time rom you’re moring makeup routine that will leave you with some extra minutes to sleep in or grab that much-needed morning macchiato.

Check out some of our MegaVolume close-ups below and book in for a set today at!

Lashes: Joanna Keller

Makeup: Karla Cruz

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