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While our beauty routines can sometimes be overwhelming, in the midst of keeping fresh lashes, nails, hair, and constant eye creaming and moisturizing, one thing we tend to overlook is our teeth! A pearly white smile makes a huge difference in our overall appearance and can be relatively inexpensive to achieve if you go to the right place.

After years of off-and-on nightmares with sticky, bleachy White Strips, I finally took the plunge to see a professional teeth whitening specialist named Emma with Beautiful Bright Smile.

Emma offers custom instant teeth whitening in Vancouver using a chemical-free advanced formula. When I saw her she was doing whitening out of Beautique which could have been combined with a lash service for those who are lacking the time. Double up on services and save an hour? Sign me up.

Before we started our appointment Emma gave me a thorough consultation, asking about my teeth sensitivity and my expected goals. She let me know that this would be different than my past experience with White Strip, as her formula was able to get into the cracks and creases that the strips couldn’t reach. She also informed me that my teeth were “thinner” than most so the process would take less than an hour for my teeth to “peak”.

If you’ve ever been to Beautique you know that it is one of the most relaxing spaces to have a service done. The lighting is soft, the decor is pretty and the beds are oh so comfy. As we began, I laid down on the bed as she applied the spearmint formula to my teeth followed by an LED light that hovered overhead. Emma asked a few times how the solution felt and if it was stinging or making my teeth sensitive in any way and after years of excruciating experiences with White Strips, this was a walk in the park. I would have fallen asleep if it wasn’t for the 13 emails I needed to respond to. Yes, you can use your phone while the LED light processes or you can take a nap if you like (I would suggest the latter unless your inbox is blowing up to0).

After about 30 mins and a few check-ups in between – compete with gel reapplication just in case – I was done! Emma mentioned the process could take up to an hour but said my teeth were very receptive to the process. She left me with a care package of tools to maintain my pearly whites including a gel pen with formula and a mini LED light so I could do a follow-up application myself in a week or so. I was ecstatic with her service and the final result.

Good news! Emma will be a Beautique on December 21st will be taking appointments and walk-in clients. Her fee is $159 and she can be booked online here. Say goodbye to White Strips and while you’re at it, why not try a lash service or tooth bling as well? You won’t regret it.



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