Wake up and go with perfectly placed brows. Eyebrow lamination is a trend worth hopping on.

Eye brow lamination
Brow lamination and Henna tint by Ksenia.

Brow lamination is the beauty treatment you didn’t know you needed…until now. Waking up with unruly, inconsistent brows is something most of us are accustomed to but not something we have to live with. If you’re anything like us you’ve used gel, soap, and everything in between to get those perfectly Instagrammable brows that wash away with your late-night skincare routine. And by the next morning, you start the process all over again.

Brow lamination is the non-invasive process of straightening and shaping the brows so they lie straight and all in the right direction. The benefits? Natural, fuller brows that last up to eight weeks! And it’s the no-needle process for us. Alternative to laminations older sister micro-blading, brow lamination uses exactly zero needles so you can sit back, relax and wait for your perfectly placed brows to be revealed.

Eye brow lamination
Brow lamination process.

What you need to know before your appointment.

Aside from avoiding retinol-based products a few days before your appointment preparing for brow lamination has very few steps. Let those babies grow! Try to avoid trimming or plucking before your appointment so you can reap the maximum benefits of the full brow look.

You also want to make sure to set aside 24 hours after your appointment where you aren’t sweating or showering so you can give your new brows a chance to settle.

The Process.

After working with your stylist to determine your desired shape your brows will be cleansed and fluffed to prepare for the straightening process. A straightening lotion is applied and left to rest under plastic wrap for up to 30 minutes.

Once removed a setting lotion is applied and left to rest for roughly 10 minutes.

Finally, your brows will be cleansed and can be tinted, waxed, and or trimmed to reveal your new look.

The Cost.

Brow lamination starts at $80 and can be combined with different services like lash lifts or tints, lash extensions, brow tints, and more. Visit our booking site for more info here.

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