Beautique is super excited to announce our brand new service – YUMI™ Lash Lifts! This is a great alternative to lash extensions if you are allergic to the glue, or if you are looking for a more natural lift to your lashes. In this article, we will be addressing some of the common questions clients have been asking us to see if this service is for you.


What is YUMI™ Lash Lifts?

YUMI™ lash Lifts is a treatment that helps lift your natural lashes to make them more dramatic, giving them a more lifted, curled effect that lasts for months! The great thing about YUMI is that it is a gentle formula that is paraben and harsh chemical-free that causes no damage to your natural lashes.



Is YUMI™ Lash Lifts for You?


We recommend YUMI™ lash lifts for people who want a natural lift and tint to their current lashes – especially for people who have naturally straight or light coloured lashes.

The great thing about YUMI™ is that it’s less maintenance than eyelash extensions!

After the treatment, there is no need to use mascara or lash curlers after the treatment, and if you are looking for an extra oomph, you can even add lash extensions on top of the lift itself!  

However, if you are pregnant/nursing, have eye sensitivities, or have any form of eye infection, the lash lift may not be suitable for you.


How long does it last for?

Generally, the lash lift lasts up to 8-10+ weeks (and perhaps even more) dependent on the shedding cycle of your natural lashes, as well as your aftercare! Please read on to learn more about aftercare instructions.


What is the process?

The lash lift itself takes around 60-90 minutes, and there is no pain or discomfort associated. After cleaning your lashes, the technician will apply a silicone gel pad under your natural lashes along with the YUMI™ treatment, curling and lifting your natural lashes to perfection!


In order to prepare for your lash lift appointment and to maximize the results, please note the following:

  • Come in without any makeup
  • Make sure your eye area is clean (we have makeup remover at the studio if needed!)
  • Do not curl your lashes the day before or on the day of the appointment
  • If you wear contact lenses, please remove them prior to the appointment  (you can put them back on after the appointment is done!)


Cost & Aftercare

At Beautique, the lash lift costs $150 CAD + taxes. After your appointment, we recommend keeping your lashes dry for at least 48hrs – this guarantees that your lashes will be nice and lifted for the longest time! If you accidentally get your lashes wet, it may affect the treatment and results.

After 48 hrs, we recommend avoiding rubbing your eyes or sleeping on your stomach to preserve the results of your lash lifts. Other than that, no need for lash refills or reaching for the curler every morning – making your daily beauty routine so much easier!



SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY to get perfectly curled lashes that lashes for weeks for only $150 + tax.

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