We’ve written a lot about lash extensions in general, but what about fills? For example, what is the best time to get a fill and what does that look like? And what does the overall process entail?

There are not a lot of information online about fills, so we decided to answer all your questions in this blog post, and also show you a before and after photo to see the difference.


Q: What is a lash extension fill and how is it different from a new set?

Like its name, a fill is when you need to add some more volume and ‘fill’ in the gaps in a previous set of lash extensions that are caused by fallout or poor care. In addition, fills are generally cheaper and takes less time than a full set.


Q: When is the best time to get a fill?

Joanna herself suggests that the best time to get a fill is 3-4 weeks in your current set. Of course, this is a suggested time frame – if you are taking care of your lashes, a good time to get them filled is when there is still at least 50% left.

Here is an example of my lashes before and after a classic fill ($70):

As you can see I was missing quite a few lashes from the corner of my eye and there are a few gaps near the end. The fill helped make the lashes more balanced and closed any gaps.

Q: What is the procedure for a fill?

The fill procedure itself involves the technician cleaning and brushing out your current lash extensions, figuring out where are the gaps, and finding the appropriate lash length and style to replace them. (You can also change the length and shape slightly if you want)

The procedure itself is a little shorter than full sets.


Q: What should I do to prepare for a fill?

Joanna suggests taking a quick shower or washing your face before going for your appointment, and making sure that your eye area is especially clean. She also recommends brushing through your current lash extensions with a spoolie/mascara wand to make sure there aren’t any fall outs.


Q: How do I clean my lash extensions for a fill?

According to Joanna, oil is really bad for lash extensions. Thus, any soaps or makeup removers with oil in them is not recommended to clean your lashes. Joanna suggests using a cotton swab along with some oil free makeup remover and then brushing them out afterwards.
Q: I want my lashes a little longer/denser than my previous set, can I change that?

Yes! Lash technicians are definitely able to tweak the overall shape of your lash extensions, dependant on how many you have left and the original lashes they’ve used. Feel free to add some more volume or try out a new style.

Q: Should I get a fill or a new set?

It depends – fills are more affordable, yes, but if you don’t have many lashes left or if your previous set is growing out a lot, it may be better to get a full set instead so you are able to have more time and cover more lashes.

Q: What is the price of a fill compared to getting a full set?

At Joanna Keller Beautique, here are the fill vs. full set prices:

Classic Fill – $70 // Full Classic Set – $99

Custom Fill (volume + classic) // Full Custom Set – $145

Russian 3D Volume Fill – $99 // Russian 3D Full Set – $175

Russian 6D Volume Fill – $140// Russian 6D Volume Full Set – $250


We hoped this Q&A helped you address your questions that you may have about lash extension fills. If you still have more questions, feel free to DM us at @joannakellerbeautique and we would be happy to answer them.

If you’re ready, schedule your fill today and get those lashes fluffy and full again!

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