My lashes aren’t short per se, but they are really straight and thin. Hence, they always hit my glasses and coats of mascara still won’t save them.

I’ve tried the blowdryer heated lash curler trick but my lashes wouldn’t budge, which is why I finally decided to give in and give lash extensions a try.

Here’s what I learned from my experience:

1. It’s super customizable

I admit I didn’t know much about lash extensions aside from the fact that you have to lie there for a few hours with tape on your eyes and get them refilled every few weeks, so I was amazed by the amount of selection when it comes to the actual lashes.

I wear glasses and am not very glam with my makeup choices, so I was pretty worried that they would look too heavy on my eyes, or that they would hit the glass. Luckily, I was wrong! There are many sizes of lashes and styles of curls as well, so your lash technician can mix and match it for the effect you want.

It really is not as simple as picking a style from a sheet, although if you prefer the easy way out, that’s an option as well.

2. It takes some TLC (tender loving care)

Okay, no lie – having lash extensions does add some time to my overall routine.

I now have to make sure to comb my lashes out after showering to prevent clumping, preventing water from getting directly on them, and ensure that I’m not using oil based makeup removers or creams so it doesn’t affect the glue.

I also gotta make sure I am not touching them and have to be more aware when sleeping on a pillow.

However, the benefits are definitely worth it! My eyes look much wider even without eyeshadow and eyeliner, and I go about most my days by just filling in my brows and wearing some concealer.

3. It’s pretty good bang for your buck!

With Beautique, classic full sets start at $99 which covers every single individual lash. Plus, they stay curled and fabulous. That definitely beats mascara.

If you take care of them well, they can last up to 5 weeks! I’m currently on my fifth week and they still look light and fluffy. So what are you waiting for, book an appointment today! 

Guest post by Dani Hao

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