Our Team


Joanna Keller


Joanna Keller has been working in the beauty industry since 2008. She began her career as a makeup artist / hair stylist after attending Blanche Macdonald. She worked with many different makeup lines during her first year, gaining a large knowledge of beauty brands and products. A makeup client of Joanna’s that had just returned from Korea and brought the new eyelash-extension trend to her attention. “She was rocking a more natural looking version of individual cluster lashes but said they lasted up to 6 weeks and that they were super comfortable and glued to her eyelashes not her skin. I was intrigued and the rest is history.”

After being the original eyelash technician in 2 of Vancouver’s most popular eyelash salons, Jo decided to form her own company using all of her creative skills. Beautique™ started as a mobile company Servicing models, photographers and at home clients and has grown to be one of Vancouver’s top beauty studios. Joanna is known as one of the pioneers in the eyelash extension industry and has trained many of the city’s top lash techs. Ms. Keller’s reputation for quality has resulted in her being first on the Celebrity call-list and photos of her editorial eyelash work is being shared by the worlds top bloggers, beauty press and brands.



Born and raised in Vancouver, Cristina (referred to by new clients as: “the girl with the glasses” or “the girl with the brows”) is a certified beauty artist with 5+ years experience, lending her services to various films, photoshoots, weddings and more. Always looking for something new to learn and the top trends, Cristina uncovered the lash path and she’s been blazing through it since 2012.

With her extensive background in everything beauty Cristina understands that everyone is different and it’s her mission is to satisfy all your beauty needs from lashes to makeup to hair, just as your heart desires!



Tatiana Taveres is a creative and diligent makeup and lash artist that has a serious attention to detail and perfection… she simply will not settle for less. Tatiana graduated from Blanche Macdonald in 2009 and has been ambitiously working in the beauty industry since. She has plenty of experience working editorial shoots, independent films, weddings, music videos, headshots, special events… you name it.

Tatiana just loves to make things pretty. She has always enjoyed working with her hands and transforming things to make them as perfect as possible. She loves sharing her knowledge and opinion about pretty much everything-especially makeup and lashes.

Whether you’re looking for something natural to uber dramatic, Tatiana is able to customize the perfect lash or makeup style that works for you specifically. Fun, chatty and extremely knowledgeable, Tatiana’s your girl. She knows what’s up. Just ask!


Chelsea has always had a passion for the arts, spending a lot of her extra time drawing and painting. At a early age Chelsea was drawn to the glamorous makeup she saw in Magazines and Film and knew that was something she wanted to get involved in. Chelsea’s biggest inspiration would probably be from Film, all of the beautiful makeups and how the create the scenery and mood to the story.
Chelsea skills include Editorial Makeup, Body Painting, Film and Special FX.
Chelsea is a self proclaimed Lash Junkie, who is obsessed with full fluffy lashes and how they can completely change a look. Book her now!