If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

Q: How long do the eyelash extensions last?

A: The lashes typically last anywhere from 3-5 weeks with proper care. Fills should be booked every 3-4 weeks to maintain your set.

Q: How many lashes do you apply for a Classic full set?

A: We apply lashes to every one of your natural lashes (except new growth).  This is generally anywhere from 50-100 lashes per eye, depending on the number of natural lashes you have.

Q: What are Russian Volume 3D lashes?

A: Russian volume lashes are 3 light, thin lashes that are grouped together then applied per lash. This allows for maximum volume and Russian 3D lashes can be mixed with Classic lashes to achieve your desired fullness.

Q: How long do Russian lashes last?

A: Russian 3D lashes typically last a bit longer than average classic lashes, a fill should be scheduled every 3-5 weeks.

Q: What type of eyelashes do you use?

A: Beautique uses only high-quality synthetic mink & synthetic silk lashes in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses, curls, and colours.

Q: Can I fill the lashes more than once?

A: Yes lashes can be filled on an ongoing basis from the initial full set application – as long as the lashes aren’t too grown out or damaged. Using a product like Eyenvy can help maintain your lash health.

Q: Do you fill other people’s lash work?

A: We can fill other people’s lash work as long as the initial lash application was done properly. If not, we can do a removal and full set – but please keep in mind that a removal takes 15-30 minutes and appointment durations for full sets and fills vary.

Q: Does the process hurt?

A: Not at all, most people fall asleep during the application.

Q: What are the chances of an allergic reaction?

A: It is very rare that someone has a reaction.  The lashes are attached to your eyelash and not your skin, therefore minimizing the chances of reaction.  Should you have a reaction, please contact me immediately.

Q: I wear contact lenses, is that ok?

A: Yes it is safe to wear the contacts during and after the application.

Q: Will the lashes damage my natural lashes?

A: With proper care and attention, the lash extensions will not damage your natural ones.  See the lash care page for instructions.

Q: I want a very dramatic look, is that possible?

A: A dramatic look is possible, however it depends on the length and number of your natural lashes.

Q: I have blonde lashes, does that matter?

A: No, the glue is black and your natural lashes won’t be visible when the false lashes are attached.

Q: How do I remove the lashes?

A: You can book an appointment here for a removal, or if most of the lashes have fallen off naturally, you can soak the lashes in a baby oil or olive oil for a few hours, then gently begin to remove lashes with a Q-tip.

Q: Can I wear mascara with lash extensions on?

A: There are oils in regular mascara that will remove the lashes prematurely – if you need to use mascara, we sell an oil-free extension mascara at Beautique.

Q: Is there anything I should do before coming to my appointment?

A: Come with clean eyes (no makeup or mascara) if possible.  Otherwise we have makeup remover available here. So what are you waiting for…?