Lash Extensions and Eyeglasses - Friends or Foes?

Lash Extensions and Eyeglasses – Friends or Foes?


It’s time to break the myth – can you be a regular eyeglasses wearer and still get eyelash extensions done? The straightforward answer is a resounding YES!

Bespectacled ladies often speak of the horrors of wearing falsies and having them press onto the lenses of their glasses, or even worse – wearing mascara only for your view to be obstructed by black streaks and residue. Often, they would think the same to happen with lash extensions.

In fact, as a bespectacled girl myself, I decided to share two main worries that I first had when getting my lashes done, and the solutions.

Worry 1 – They Will Hit Your Lenses

This is simply not the case! The great thing about eyelash extensions is that they are highly customizable. Talk to your lash extension specialist and tell them your concerns and let them know you are a glasses wearer.


In my case, I decided to wear my glasses to the appointment so my lovely stylist Cristina and I were able to see exactly how much space I had between the lenses of my glasses and my natural lashes. I then talked to her about the desired length and style (I decided to go for a classic cat eye set), and they turned out beautifully.

As long as you pick the right length and style, they will not hit your lenses! It is recommended that you go for shorter lashes with more of a curl so they stay away from your glasses.

Worry 2 – Glasses Will “Hide” The Extensions

Personally, I was a little worried that the reflections and the thickness of my glasses lens will wash out my extensions in the same way that sometimes bright eyeshadows look washed out after wearing glasses.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that my eyes looked more open and brighter with the lash extensions as it lifts the lids and makes them look wider.


To really make your eyes pop, I like to add a thin layer of eyeliner that extends past the corner of my eyes to widen my natural eye shape. The curl of the lashes adds dimension and makes a quick and easy go-to look.

Final Comments:

Overall, I am very happy with my lash extensions and they do not heavy on my eyes at all.
I can still wear my glasses and sunglasses without them hitting my lenses, and I never have to worry about mascara marks again.

Before you visit the salon, make sure you take a look at their lash styles and to have a talk with your lash extension specialist before proceeding. With proper communication and choice of length and style, lash extensions will truly make your eyes pop, without glasses or not!

I hope this article helps to alleviate some of the worries my fellow glasses wearing ladies may have. If you are ready to book your appointment, Joanna and her team at Beautique will be more than happy to make your experience a pleasant one.

Written By Danielle Hao – Guest Post 

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