Eyelash Extension myths YOU SHOULD NOT BELIEVE!

Eyelash Extension myths YOU SHOULD NOT BELIEVE!

We’ve done a lot of research about the things said about lash extensions that are “faker than strip lashes”. Call us the Mythbusters, ’cause we’re busting ALL OF THEM.

For quite a long time this has been one of our most frequently requested tutorials and it’s finally here! Though I personally wash my curly hair maybe once or twice a week, depending on the exact situation at hand. Like whether I’m shooting for the blog or where I’m going. It all depends on the hairstyles I want to wear on any given day. I have been known to sometimes delay it for longer than a week and that’s where braids come in.


The process is long, like 3 hours long…


Our techs are experienced professionals that can complete a set from anywhere between one to two hours at the MOST. Two hours being for the most EPIC, dramatic 6D lashes….


Eyelash extensions are a lot of work to keep up and you have to blow dry them.


You are not required to blow dry your lashes. Simply brush through them with a clean mascara wand and let air dry. You can blow dry them if you like but it is not necessary. Eyelash extensions should actually make your daily routine faster. Many of our clients don’t feel the need to even wear makeup with the lash extensions.

The only thing you need to do with them is keep them clean and just brush them if you want to!

You could go blind from lash extensions.


Our technicians are properly trained and can apply lashes and adhesive in such a precise way that it will never get in your eye and your eyes are closed for the entire procedure. Our glue is formaldehyde and latex free. It is extremely rare that our clients experience allergic reaction from the lashes. If this happens to you the worst that happens is your eyes get a bit puffy, itchy and watery and you can either take an allergy medication/ eyedrops and see if it improves or just get them completely removed which we will do free of charge if you have received the lashes from us but an allergy will not cause blindness.

Lash extensions hurt.


Our clients usually fall asleep. It is a pain free experience. Don’t be a boy…

Your real eyelashes will fall out.


Your natural lashes shed just like the hair on your head. The only reason you notice it with lash extensions is because you can see the dark lash extension attached to it. You can completely stop getting lash extensions and have your normal lashes still be there. Lash fall out is not caused from extensions.

You must take breaks from lash extensions.


Your lashes don’t know things are being attached to them and they will continue to do the regular shedding with or without them.

They don’t need time to breathe.

You will constantly be looking at yourself in a mirror.


Eyelash extensions make your inner diva come out. You look and feel great 24/7! Bat those lashes!


Still unsure? Book an appointment with us and give them a try! 


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